Recommend routes for your visit on the High Scardus Trail

Day Hikes

MKDHike from Ohrid into the national park, climb Lako Signoj or Mt. Magaro HST 15 & 16
MKDJablanica: Climb the Black Rock from Vevchani HST 14 & 14/1
ALBExplore the Peshkopi villages and an experience an Albanian homestay HST 09/1.2.3 & 10.1
ALBClimb Mt. Korab, the highest peak of Albanian and North Macedonia, from Radomire HST 07

Week Long

  • Albania’s Eastern Traverse (HST 06/02.03, 08, 09, 09/1.2.3, 10, 11)
  • Sharr Mountains: A combination of the Kosovo and North Macedonia (HST 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07 or 07/01)


There are only a few tour operators from the region who are familiar with the trail. If you’re interested in an organized tour with guide, luggage transport and other amnesties, please contact them with your idea for a quote.

  • Zbulo Discover Albania: The same team that created the Peaks of the Balkans also manages the Albanian part of the High Scardus Trail trail. They were the first to run hiking and biking tours on the route in 2018 and offer private tours as well as guaranteed group departures in the third season (2020).
  • Ohrid Outdoor Experience: A member of the Macedonian team working on the trail.